Are You a Customer or a Client?

The real estate term is AGENCY“.  It’s important that we talk about whom I represent in a transaction with all of the ins and outs.  No matter if you choose to be a Customer or a Client I’m obligated to be honest, disclose any adverse material facts that I know, use my skill and care, and guide the transaction through to a happy closing for everyone.  The basic difference between Customer and Client boils down to my obligation to keep your bargaining information confidential.  Most people choose to be a client and we simply complete a form to that extent.

CUSTOMER – If you choose to be a customer, don’t tell me you’ll pay more than you’re offering.

CLIENT – If you choose to be a client (it doesn’t cost anything), I won’t reveal your bargaining strategies.

LIMITED DUAL AGENT – Many times I represent both the buyer and the seller as clients.  It’s called Limited Dual Agency.  I’ve been in real estate for 21 years and have over 1,000 closings under my belt, so I’ve learned to make this work well.  When both sides are clients, I pledge to work for both of you.  Or better, I pledge to not work against either of you.

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