Finding Your Dream Property

The whole idea is to keep narrowing your search until we’ve found your perfect property.  Here are some steps with explanations below:

  1. Price range?  Get qualified.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the market.
  3. Set up a time for us to explore together
  4. Come prepared.
  5. Don’t rush, but don’t hesitate.

The more long-winded explanations ——

  1. Get qualified.  A quick phone call to a mortgage broker or bank will give you an idea what you can expect to borrow.  Some people choose to use another property as collateral, such as a home equity loan, to smooth the process.  If you need some suggestions for lenders, I’m happy to help.  I know some good ones.
  2. Check the Market.  Spend a few sessions shopping online (See the Property Search Tab) to get a feel for the market.  Then stop by my office for maps and directions, and drive around for an afternoon to see what areas appeal to you. 
  3. Let’s Explore.  By now your search is specific enough for us to go looking.  Let’s make an appointment.
  4. Be Prepared.  All decision makers should come along, but the fewer children and guests the more efficient.  Wear shoes (boots in winter) –  I know this sounds silly, but it’s easy to forget we’re in the mountains here.  Bring a jacket, your camera, and be prepared to take some notes.
  5. Don’t Hesitate:  You’ve done your homework and you can be confident about your decisions.  You shouldn’t rush the process, but when the right property comes along – Don’t Delay.  I’ve seen too many heartsick people lose out by hesitating.

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