Thunder Mountain Days – July 4th!

July 4th is the biggest weekend of the year here in Cascade.  People come from all over to celebrate the small town way.  The parade is always a hoot, there are always special foods and events, and the fireworks over the lake are a special, close-up thrill.  Here are a few pictures of a Cascade parade.  I absolutely LOVE the small town flavor…………… 

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3 Responses to Thunder Mountain Days – July 4th!

  1. David Croshaw says:

    Love the website. Great photos. Great information. When we bought in Cascade, we had two kids living in boise with a third anticipated. Then they all moved away to Ohio, Texas, and Oklahoma, so we wondered if we would keep the property. Now, one of the kids has moved back to Boise and two to Spokane, along with a combined 12 grandkids. Perched between those two cities, Cascade has once again become our meeting ground. Looks like we’re staying. See you there sometime.

  2. Betty Lisell says:

    Good job Karolyn!!!! Glad to see the parade pictures. The day they came out on facebook they quickly disappeared as it was the same day the verdict from FL came out with outrage so I missed them!! Always fun to see what the Cascade Auto bunch are up to!!!!

  3. Allyssa Kennedy says:

    Love this web site! Great for anyone buying or selling or for anyone who is interested in realestate. I will use it often and share it with everyone I know.

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