Helped or Sold?

My husband and I have been car shopping.  What a job!

I just love my 2003 Caravan. It’s roomy, easy for clients to get in and out, and has big windows for seeing the gorgeous Valley County scenery. But, she’s getting old and tired and they don’t make new Caravans in all-wheel drive.  Thus the search for the right “work truck”.

This car shopping experience has been a great reminder of what it’s like to be a buyer. And a great reminder to me of the difference between being helped and being sold. Turns out I’m not really a fan be “being sold”.  We ended up working with a great guy, Al Gunter, at Peterson Toyota.  There wasn’t any pressure – just patience and help.  And it paid off.  Here is a picture of my new rig  🙂

New car

My favorite part of real estate is helping people to navigate the sometimes rocking terrain of both buying and selling. I really don’t sell anything!

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2 Responses to Helped or Sold?

  1. Jennifer says:

    would you recommend a person wanting to buy property in another area use a realtor in that area or their regular realtor from their home town. Protocol question, I guess. Thanks!

    • karolyn says:

      Hi Jennifer. What a great question.

      The best demonstration of my answer would be to tell you that when I bought a house in Boise, even though I had been a realtor for years in Valley County, I went to a realtor in Boise. When my sons have bought property, they have worked with realtors in their local areas.

      I may be able to find all of the published information about properties outside my area of expertise (it’s so easy now with the internet), but I don’t know the little things – where the school bus runs, if there are business or government plans for properties nearby, what services are available and who can provide them, what local regulations might impact the property, what are the customary and important contingencies for real estate offers in the area, and on and on.

      So, my recommendation would be to contact a realtor located in the area of interest.

      I hope this is helpful. I would be happy to visit further about this. Give me a call if you like. Cell 208-630-3336. And thanks again for your question. Karolyn

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