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Market Comparison 2009 through 2017

We’re finally seeing an uptick in both numbers of transactions and sales prices!!  Take a look at this Market Comparison Chart showing all of the numbers from 2009 through 2017.  It looks pretty dry at first glance, but if you spend just a minute I think you’ll find it interesting – maybe even surprising.

As you probably know, the real estate market in Valley County is very dependent upon the economic health of the Boise/Treasure Valley.  When the economy begins to boom “down below” there is always a lag before we see the benefit here in the mountains.  Thankfully, Boise is booming.

2017 was an encouraging year.  Average sales prices for homes increased in Cascade and McCall in 2017.  Donnelly saw a bit of a decrease in average home prices even though there was an increase in the number of homes sold.  Bare land sales were up for all three areas – Cascade, Donnelly, and McCall.



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